[solved] Cron job to processqueue fails--returns login page

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[solved] Cron job to processqueue fails--returns login page

Postby Guest » 3:22pm, Wed 24 Sep, 2008

PHPList: 2.10.5
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php /home/tom3/public_html/tom/list/admin/index.php  -c/home/tom3/public_html/tom/list/config/config.php -pprocessqueue ;

When the cron job runs, it outputs the login HTML page saying "This document requires you to log in."

The correct user is exported ($USER).

When I change the config.php file to:
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$require_login = 0;

then the index HTML page is output, but the queue still doesn't get processed.

But looking at the index.php file, it should bypass password checking if the $USER is listed as having commandline permission, which it does. But I can't figure out why the cron job doesn't process the queue.

Found out in viewtopic.php?p=16680#16680 that you have to add another admin (Superadmin doesn't help). When you do that, a special "hidden" configuration page comes up, and you can enable admins to processqueue. It was defaulted to "none," so I changed it to "all" and the cron job started working (with the new admin USER/PASSWORD), like so:
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cd /home/users/public_html/list/admin/; php index.php page=processqueue login=NEWADMINID password=PASS > /dev/null

Re: [solved] Cron job to processqueue fails--returns login page

Postby GazOutEast » 12:09pm, Thu 08 Apr, 2010

Tried this - still doesn't fix it for me (v2.10.10)

See also viewtopic.php?f=24&t=31229&start=0
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