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Slow Bounce Processing

PostPosted: 10:39pm, Tue 26 Jan, 2010
by RPV
Hey all,

First thanks for a great piece of software!! I have one problem that I cannot find an answer to. Why is processing the bounces taking so long? Is there anyway to speed this process up? I've just noticed this after running one message through with ~250,000 users. ~57,000 of which bounced. I started to process the queue when I came into work this morning and it is still running now with 13070 of 57347 users processed. It looks like it is done pulling the bounces from the mailbox and is in the process of unsubscribing users...

I've run bounce processing before but on much smaller list, less than 20K users and have never seen it take this long. Thanks for any suggestions.

PHP 5.2.4_p20070914-pl2-gentoo
PHPList version 2.10.10

Re: Slow Bounce Processing

PostPosted: 8:41pm, Thu 15 Apr, 2010
by H2B2

Re: Slow Bounce Processing

PostPosted: 3:14pm, Thu 22 Apr, 2010
by NYChris
If you decide to do what's suggested here:
You should also run a table optimization afterwards in PHPMyAdmin (or whatever interface you use) like this:
OPTIMIZE TABLE phplist_bounce;

As a matter of fact, it's good to do on all your tables (user_user mostly) once in a while depending on how much you use PHPList.

Re: Slow Bounce Processing

PostPosted: 3:04pm, Thu 29 Apr, 2010
by NYChris
I also found out that if you have a boatload of unprocessed bounces, it will choke the bounce process.

Check by going to "Manage Bounces" and selecting "View Bounces".

I looked at the first 5 and created rules that will handle them.
Then I deleted all bounces.
Then I optimized the database again.

Now I know to check there after each bounce processing to keep it from getting out of hand.

Somehow this also increased my send speed to over 15,000 per hour.