sort by rssitem id instead of rssitem added date

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sort by rssitem id instead of rssitem added date

Postby jimbudd » 11:46am, Tue 25 May, 2010

I'm trying to use the RSS list feature for a gig guide, so cant be sorted by the rssitem added date as it needs to be in order of upcoming gigs.
the event time in my gig guide RSS feed is inside the description ie.

// feed item description text
$description = JText::_( '' ).$displaydate.', '.$displaytime.' '.'@ <strong>'.$row->venue.'</strong> / '.$row->city.'<br />';

feed url: ... d&type=rss

obviously, would be nice to just ask what way i can use the displaydate field in the description to sort my gig guide feed, but it seems that the way i've hacked my feed to display in order by this displaydate field, stores the rssitem id is in perfect order, ie. the latest gig is rssitem id '1'.
sooo, can someone tell me how to sort by rssitem id instead of rssitem added date??

i think the RSS list feature is awesome, but seems to have overlooked its application in RSS feeds for events, where the created date is not an ideal way to display each RSS item.
so, believe my querie will be most valuable in this area :)
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