Mail From Address is wrong

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Mail From Address is wrong

Postby frostiecuk » 3:43pm, Thu 29 Dec, 2005

When someone subscribes to my mail list, they receive an email no problem. But the FROM address contains details of my host AS WELL as the email I have specified;
FROM:; on behalf of; My Name[]

My host has said that I need to change something like :

mail($to, $subject, $message, $header)


mail($to, $subject, $message, $header, "-f")

where is the address I want replies and bounced e-mail to go to - so that will be

Question is, where do I make these changes? I have searched loads of files to try to find where I need to make the change, but have so far found nothing.

Any ideas?
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Postby duncan » 11:22am, Tue 10 Jan, 2006

The address is set as the message envelope in config.php
$bounce_mailbox_user is the variable you are after
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I am having the same issue

Postby jessiej » 6:19pm, Fri 20 Jan, 2006

the "from" name is unfriendly, and I want to replace it with "". I looked in config.php and $bounce_mailbox_user = is set correctly...

is this information located anywhere else?
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Change and uncomment this puppy

Postby chrisk » 7:23pm, Wed 01 Feb, 2006

There's a line close to the beginning of the config.php file:

#$message_envelope = 'listbounces@yourdomain';

Put the address you want in there, and uncomment it.

It worked for me.
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I have same problem!

Postby irsup » 7:03pm, Thu 25 Jan, 2007

Dear friends

I have same problem,

my envelope address in config is true, but when I checked in sent email, I saw the envelope is noboday[at]myhostname[dot]net

please help me urgently
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Wrong From Address, and bounce tools don't work either

Postby kiblinger » 3:43pm, Fri 09 Mar, 2007

Using phplist 2.10.4

Note: I am using "AT" for @ and "DOT" for .
The system won't let me post otherwise.

I am having the same problem:

The Configure page has:
"From email address for system messages:
a-working-address AT mydomain DOT com"

config.php has:
Code: Select all
$message_envelope = 'a-working-address AT mydomain DOT com';
$bounce_mailbox_user = 'a-working-address AT mydomain DOT com';

When I send a message I insert:
"a-working-address AT mydomain DOT com" in the From Line.

But email messages still have a from address of:
"my-username AT some DOT server DOT at DOT my DOT host DOT com"

In case it matters, phpinfo() says, among other things: '--with-imap=shared,/usr' '--with-imap-ssl'

PHP Version 4.4.1

Safe mode is off.

None of the Bounce stuff works either. I don't know if these two issues are related.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
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Envelope issues as well

Postby jasonfranz » 4:03am, Sun 29 Apr, 2007

I think I'm having similar issues with an envelope problem. When I setup the config file with the correct envelope settings I certainly get a TON of bounces from my lists, but these are all unroutable domain bounces from addresses which I know for a fact to be valid. When I do not use the envelope feature (re-comment it in config) this goes away, as do ALL bounces.


1. Why would activating the Envelope cause all messages to bounce?

2. When not using the envelope settings, where are any bounces going? (i'm sure some should be bouncing..)

Would love to get this working properly without worries of folks not getting our newsletters.

Thanks for any help.
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Mail from address is wrong - fixed

Postby kiblinger » 8:37pm, Sun 06 May, 2007

Hello me. Here is my answer to my question that took FOREVER TO FIGURE OUT:


Code: Select all

changed to

Code: Select all

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Postby muppet » 8:13am, Wed 09 May, 2007

going back to the original post, I have also been told this, but the hosting company will not help any more than that.

I've posted elsewhere on the 'from' email, a couple of solutions have been suggested, but nothing worked.

Anyone else got a bright idea for us?
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Postby duncan » 12:52am, Thu 24 May, 2007

Your mailserver needs to be happy with you changing or arbitrarily setting the from address. If its not it will just leave what it thinks your systems valid email to be. Some by default will not let you change it thus you don't get to change it - check with your ISP or if you have commandline access use a mail command to send something with a different from address and see if it works.
Using SMTP will usually get around this as it doesn't validate in that way.

With respect to bounces - you won't get any if you don't have your envelope and bounce processing setup. So they are going to the ether so to speak (still bouncing though)

Cheers Duncan
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