[solved] Manually Add a User to the Blacklist

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Re: [solved] Manually Add a User to the Blacklist

Postby suhi » 8:27pm, Fri 25 May, 2012

I gree with samuelcrash on this topic. If you would ever for whatever reason delete unconfirmed users, also the Blacklisted users would be deleted, which could bring troubles again. I suppose this option is for blacklisting some very angry users that don't wont to unsubscribe by themselfs, but are requesting an admin to do it, and fast, lol. Would not like that user start getting emails again by some coincidence ...
Great and easy solution samuelcrash !

Dont forget to add one fix if you are using this "addon":
if ($massblacklist == true)

p.s. Still wondering why manual blacklisting by admin is not included in the 1st place :shock:
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