email import creating hidden prefixes

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email import creating hidden prefixes

Postby maddy123 » 3:56am, Fri 20 Jul, 2012

I'm experiencing a bug when importing emails to our php list hosted account.

I recently imported over 200 emails to our existing subscriber list, via a CSV file created in excel.

I noticed that a number of the imported email addresses were already in the system, and that strangely, PHP had allowed the database to create doubles.

To find out why doubles were able to exist in the system, I exported the subscriber list as a CSV, and discovered that PHP list had added prefixes to all the email addresses I imported.

The prefix it's adding is: 

However, the prefix does not appear in the PHP list display (the records appear normally, such as - it's only when the list is exported that I'm able to see it.

Thinking that the prefixes might have been created by some hidden formatting in excel, I deleted all the subscribers I had imported. I moved the list of subscribers into a text edit file (turning it a Unicode 8 file) & from there, I copied and pasted the list into PHP list.

Once again, the ‚Ä® prefix was added to all the email addresses added.

I've searched the FAQ and forums and haven't come across this issue - wondering if someone knows what this is & how I can fix it?

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Re: email import creating hidden prefixes

Postby duncanc » 11:06am, Fri 20 Jul, 2012

I guess that, despite the copying and pasting, you still have a non-displayable character in your data.

Can you return to your spreadsheet and save it again as CSV. I am not sure that the import process will handle unicode files correctly, so ensure that you save as ascii or similar.

Then open the file in notepad to verify.
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