2.10.19, subject double quotes become "

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2.10.19, subject double quotes become "

Postby fishnet » 5:40pm, Wed 22 Aug, 2012

I have a client that sends to his list with a quoted title in the mail subject. With the upgrade to 2.10.19 from 2.10.18, double quotes in the subject go to the list as "...". If I use the 2.10.18 admin/send_core.php file in 2.10.19, double quotes are sent as double quote characters.

A diff of send_core.php from the two versions shows that there have been several changes regarding sql escaping in 2.10.19. I lightly looked into the various changes but did not see anything obvious that might cause the quote problem. Before looking further I thought to ask if anyone might know fairly quickly how to fix this.

Thanks much....
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Re: 2.10.19, subject double quotes become "

Postby duncanc » 5:35pm, Thu 23 Aug, 2012

See this other post about the same problem http://forums.phplist.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=38212
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Re: 2.10.19, subject double quotes become "

Postby gallenkamp » 4:13pm, Wed 31 Oct, 2012

Maybe this helps, I wrote it yesterday in my blog: http://bytethinker.com/blog/correct-esc ... in-phplist
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