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Full Fledge API

Postby griffonboy » 8:59am, Sun 25 Nov, 2007

I have seen snippets around the web for a full fledge API for phplist. but only one function. Ravis famous hack works but I really rather not get that intimate with the phplist database.

It is going to take me much sniffing to find the hooks I was wondering if anybody wants to contribute any...

Here's the methods for the class I spec... very rough.
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Sees if this user is already on the given list and if so returns their attributes

update_user(email,lid,attributes) updates the attributes of the existing user in the existing list

auto_subscribe(email,lid,attributes)  automatically adds user to the given list similar to the one that did it with a parameter string in the URL.     I am having no luck with setting makeconfirmed to 1 to autoconfirm the user.

create_admin (name)   creates a new administrator, makes up a password for them, gives them  standard permissions  returns the password so you can store it in your own  app.   so you never have to touch the phplist database directly

create_list(name)     creates a list named whatever name  returns its lid.

admin_exists(name)   true if admin exists false if not

assign_listowner(lid,name) makes the given admin the owner of list lid, must be an existing admin
login(name,pass) automatically logs the given admin into the phplist system.  There is an example of this in the forum, implemented by passing the commands in the command string.   
I have it implemented as a curl post routine and it seems to work.     

We have the auto_subscribe partially working, there was some CURL calls on one of the forums and it does it but I cant make it auto confirm these members like I want to (they have already indicated their consent when they signed up so they shouldn't have to do it again.) Also I have the login working. Anyone want to identify the
hooks for the rest of them.
I can write CURL code. Does Michael ever read in here? And I can't seem to be able to subscribe to the mailing list on osdir. unless this is it.
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