Email Sending Handler Needed - a "Shuffled" method

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Email Sending Handler Needed - a "Shuffled" method

Postby Heritage » 5:19pm, Mon 10 Mar, 2008

Please correct me if there is already a solution, but when emails get sent out via PHPlist it seems they go in alphabetical order down the list.

When sending emails utilizing domain throttling feature it works great so you can limit the number under 5 emails per root domain (Yahoo's requirement per IP per session), but when the emails go out they are in order and some ISPs are increasing their filter methods.

ISPs see emails sent out in order as unnatural.

Can we work on a method to "shuffle" the sending order of emails going out so we can comply with the sending standards of ISPs.

(Even importing email as shuffled does not help since the data is worked/sorted in the database as alphabetical via the email address.)

I am talking about low volumes of specialty lists having troubles.

What are your experiences?
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