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Intergrating with my scripting ?

PostPosted: 7:35pm, Mon 07 Jul, 2008
by openxpayments
Hi, Not sure where or who to ask so I will try it here.

I have a product "RevMax" that I have created that allows advertiser sign ups and paypal payments for the popular free adserver OpenX

One of the features OpenX is short (in my opinion) on is email functions. As it is an adserver, designed to capitalize on website traffic. I was about to create a email list function for RevMax (my plugin), when I found phplist.

It appears by all accounts to be stable and usable by my limited testing. This leaves me to ask if I should "reinvent the wheel", by creating my own and not incorporating phplist.

With all the above in mind:

Is it possible for me to modify the config and release it with my product RevMax, without violating copyright in any manner?

I would not be taking anything from phplist or calling any function mine or copyright by me. I would be leaving all headers etc in tact.

What I would be modifying is calls to scripts

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require_once dirname(__FILE__).

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require_once MY_PATH .

I would need this ability as it (phplist) would need to be located within the OpenX admin folders and be using the admin login and security of OpenX.

If you need more information on RevMax you can demo here:

phplist would reside under the RevMax tab > "email members" if allowed.

I am sorry for all the links and please don't think I am a spammer. I don't think I could make my intent clear without the links.

PostPosted: 7:42pm, Thu 10 Jul, 2008
by jasoninphx
It could be because PHPList holds a userid session variable that may be conflicing with other scripts or your own custom written code to store either user ids or other ids in the session.

This was the case when i tried to use PHPList and DZOIC handshakes on one client that i had. Drove me absolutely frickin nutz!