XHTML 1.x validation for phplist v 2.10.10 - plus TinyMCE

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XHTML 1.x validation for phplist v 2.10.10 - plus TinyMCE

Postby y0ux » 1:35am, Sat 23 Jan, 2010


I'm updating the current html output from phplist (plenty work to do). My current goal is to make phplist xhtml 1.x valid (using validator.w3.org).

So far I got almost all the problems fixed (for the frontpage), still there are some stuff to change... anyway I'm adding the files you need to change... and for those who know where to replace this files i included only the ones you have to change, I advice you to backup this files just in case, but don't worry, most of the changes are html sintax.

modified php files for phplist xhtml 1.x validation
(55.98 KiB) Downloaded 314 times

Besides, I added the code (on their respective files) to use TinyMCE on templates and message creation.
To make it work, just change in your config.php this values (look for them around the file):
Code: Select all
# the FCKeditor is now included in PHPlist, but the use of it is experimental
# if it's not working for you, set this to 0
# NOTE: If you enable TinyMCE please disable FCKeditor and vice-versa.
define("USEFCK",0); # move it to a zero value
# Set this to 1 to turn on TinyMCE for writing messages:
define("USETINYMCEMESG", 1);
# Set this to 1 to turn on TinyMCE for editing templates:
# Set this to path of the TinyMCE script, relative to the admin directory:
define("TINYMCEPATH", "plugins/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js");

...Documentation on the file will help you

And one more thing to make it work. Download TinyMCE from http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/ and copy this folder tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce (assuming you unziped/untar the file) to the plugin folder on your phplist installation, example: coolsite.com/<your-path>/lists/admin/plugins

Eventually I will be uploading the remaining changes... as I will ensure phplist still work after the code change, I'll try to talk to the developers to see if we can make this modification for the version 2.10.11.

Any problems or validation not passing, just let me know this way... as there are some files I already change, but can't remember right now which ones were :D


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