Tests using SimpleTest?

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Tests using SimpleTest?

Postby RTWolf » 9:56pm, Tue 20 Apr, 2010

Does phpIist have automated tests?

I was thinking it might help development/patching if there were automated tests to be run every time changes are made. Two kinds of tests could be created: interface tests using the web tester in SimpleTest and class tests using the regular unit testing in SimpleTest.

The tests could include the ability to check email addresses using POP to ensure the right events happened.

SimpleTest can be found here: http://simpletest.org/index.html
Documentation here: http://simpletest.org/en/first_test_tutorial.html

At the least the steps for submitting a patch could be automated using the web tester:
1. create a list
2. create a subscribe page, using the list
3. subscribe as a user to the list
4. send the list a test message, both in html and text

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Re: Tests using SimpleTest?

Postby talentsfromindia » 10:53am, Mon 25 Apr, 2011

The test presented is good enough to check whether all the actions are being performed properly or not.
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