How PHPlist code flow

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How PHPlist code flow

Postby eliassal » 9:36pm, Tue 21 Dec, 2010

I need to understand how code flows/execute in PHPlist, a sort of reverse engineering. I am a beginner in PHP I started reading for example index.php.
I saw some doc or articles in this site but not about how code is organized or the framework used, is there any book or document around this subject.

Thanks in advance
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Re: How PHPlist code flow

Postby CS2 » 2:18pm, Tue 28 Dec, 2010

Unfortunately, no. PHPlist has a large codebase that is not always well organized (for instance, connect.php is used as a library for functions that extend far beyond the scope of connecting) and is not written in a way conducive to a quick understanding of what it is doing.

I'll tell you that it uses the "monolithic page loader" paradigm, meaning that every page load goes through index.php and query string arguments determine what page is loaded. The ?p=blah bit of the query string determines the page that is loaded (it will attempt to include blah.php). Beyond that, unless you have a specific question, you'll need to slog it out for yourself as it's too complex to briefly explain.

Lastly, as you're new to PHP, I would not suggest copying the coding styles or techniques seen in the codebase.
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