Individual config.php for users?

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Individual config.php for users?

Postby victor » 6:45pm, Wed 29 Jun, 2011

It just passed through my head, and I will describe the scenario below.
We have a machine used for web hosting, with a basic LAMP setup and phplist installed in something like /var/www/phplist.
A vhost is pointing to the phplist installation, like
Some clients with websites hosted here will want newsletter functionality, so we point them to the phplist subdomain.

The problem as I see it comes when we set up phplist to use the machine's MTA as a SMTP server for sending mails, or any other SMTP server.
Then all our clients using phplist will send their newsletters via the same SMTP server. I thought individual config.php files will just do it somehow.
I will keep looking after other solutions, maybe with a plus of elegance in design ;)

As a sum of problems that may emerge from this setup, I dare to mention:
1. one of the senders may be flagged as spam due to unsuitable content, which gives all other users a *spam* label
2. even if the headers can be modified, I guess sending email with a differrent sender in headers than the actual one can be considered spam
3. all the clients will be using the same email account, which will be harder to trace in logs etc. instead of using separate email addresses

Please correct me if I'm wrong and I haven't guessed the right setup, but after a few hours of testing there's nothing better in my mind than sending this report, and I find it more fitting here than in the BTS.
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