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PostPosted: 4:09pm, Sat 17 Sep, 2011
by prad

First :
The index.php file has some hard coded strings in english. It will be cool to add these strings to the file !

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   Version 2.10.15 - Fichier:  lists/index.php
    501 $html .= '<div class="adminmessage"><p><b>You are logged in as administrator ('.$_SESSION["logindetails"]["adminname"].') of this phplist system</b></p>';
    502 $html .= '<p>You are therefore offered the following choice, which your users will not see when they load this page.</p>';
    503 $html .= '<p><a href="'.$GLOBALS['adminpages'].'">Go back to admin area</a></p>';
    504 $html .= '<p><b>Please choose</b>: <br/><input type=radio name="makeconfirmed" value="1"> Make this user confirmed immediately
    505  <br/><input type=radio name="makeconfirmed" value="0" checked> Send this user a request for confirmation email </p></div>';
    560 $adminmessage = $userdata["email"] . " has confirmed their subscription";
    562 $adminmessage .= "\nUser has been removed from blacklist";
    564 sendAdminCopy("List confirmation",$adminmessage);
    648 logEvent("Request to unsubscribe non-existent user: ".substr($_POST["email"],0,150));
    660 sendAdminCopy("List unsubscription",$email . " has unsubscribed\n$reason");
    869 sendAdminCopy("Message Forwarded",$userdata["email"] . " has forwarded a message $mid to $email");
    876 sendAdminCopy("Message Forwarded",$userdata["email"] . " tried forwarding a message $mid to $email but failed");
    892  logEvent("Forward request from invalid user ID: ".substr($_REQUEST["uid"],0,150));

Also in Version 2.11.6.

Second :
Index.php has a lot of unvalid or malformed html tags : uppercase, br with no space, unescaped & in url for example. And then PHPList will ready to be valid XHTML 1.0 Strict !!!

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   Version 2.10.16 - Fichier:  lists/index.php
     521 </form><br/><br/>
     784 $info .= sprintf('<BR />' . $GLOBALS['strForwardInvalidEmail'], $email);
     789 $info.= '<BR />' . $GLOBALS["strForwardCountReached"];
     911 $form .= '<BR /><H2>' .$GLOBALS['strForwardEnterEmail'] . '</H2>';

Also in Version 2.11.6.

Third :
It would be nice to have some html class tags to style buttons or block, example :

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   Version 2.10.16 - Fichier:  lists/index.php
     263  printf('<p class="subscribe"><a href="./?p=subscribe&id=%d">%s</a></p>',$row["id"],$row["title"]);


Re: also connect.php

PostPosted: 3:41pm, Sun 18 Sep, 2011
by prad
connect.php also has some hard coded strings in english.