Coding style questions

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Coding style questions

Postby rcsheets » 11:01pm, Sat 15 Sep, 2012

Before making any contributions, I naturally decided to familiarize myself with your project's Coding Style Guidelines. I'm left with two immediate questions:

  • What was supposed to come after "when embedding variables in"? That guidelines just ends abruptly. I assume it's intended to be something like using braces when embedding variables in a string, "like {$this}".
  • Is there a convention within the project for maximum line length? I try to stick to 80 columns in my own code. Looking at the various README.* files in phplist-2.11.7, I'm wondering if there's any standardization at all. If there isn't, perhaps it would be worth deciding on a standard maximum line length.
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Re: Coding style questions

Postby duncanc » 8:33pm, Sun 16 Sep, 2012

You should subscribe to the developer mailing list, see if you are interested in contributing to phplist. I think that the way ahead is to put new functionality in plugins rather than modify core phplist, so not sure how that fits into what you want to do.

Regarding coding style, looking at the code there isn't really any. I recommend following the coding style and standards here
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