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$_GET["pi"] what for?

PostPosted: 5:51am, Wed 10 Oct, 2012
by jpganz18

Ive been checking the code of a plugin (doesnt work) and I was wondering what should that var brings... I saw it in other codes on the web, so I think is a common stuffs, does anybody have idea what is this for? and how could I make it dont be null?? I dont know what I am looking for (I didnt find a doc about it)


Re: $_GET["pi"] what for?

PostPosted: 9:19am, Wed 10 Oct, 2012
by duncanc
Is this related to the plugin installation problem that you have raised on another topic? If so please continue on that topic rather than starting a new one.

Also, please provide an explanation of the problem, rather than just saying 'it doesn't work'. Without any details of the problem and what you have actually done, it is very hard to help.