Sending 1000 Emails / Hour

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Sending 1000 Emails / Hour

Postby jagannath » 12:43pm, Wed 19 Dec, 2012

I have a requirement of sending 1000 emails / hour. Is it possible at all? If not, is there any paid version to fulfill my rrequirement? Please reply ASAP... :x
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Re: Sending 1000 Emails / Hour

Postby Dragonrider » 1:25pm, Wed 19 Dec, 2012

This will depend on your mail server and host's limits.

If permitted, set the sending rate in the lists/config/config.php file.

define("MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE",1000); //number per time period
define("MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD",3600); //Time period = 1 Hour (in seconds)
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