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Need Help Testing Archive Message Viewer

PostPosted: 5:13pm, Thu 15 Aug, 2013
by Sven2157
Hello everyone!

I am working on a dynamic 'Message Viewer'. I am eventually going to create a plugin for the PHPLIST community, that will offer the following:
  • Ability to view SENT messages.
  • Messages grouped by 'List'.
  • Theme of current site to be automatically implemented in/to viewer.
  • The ability to print messages from viewer( both full and printer-friendly ).
  • Integration into main subscribe page
  • Use of phplist framework and security
  • Links at top of mail message to view in browser( "Trouble viewing this message, click here." ).
  • Automatic generation of HTML pages on send of campaign.
  • *** Print to PDF
  • *** User id( UID ) passed to return message variables: i.e. [FIRSTNAME] ( still working out about direct linking from the site ).
  • ... and more, as the core gets completed ...
*** = possible future additions; not yet implemented.

I am currently working on this for a client, and thus far it is turning out pretty well.
*** EDIT *** 2013-09-02 - Working beta soon to be available ...
The working example can be seen here: dFXg phplist Development

As you can see, after clicking the links, the URL passes the message ID to the database query, and returns the proper message. I have regular expressions to ensure that ONLY numbers are passed in the URL, to prevent SQL injections and other attacks. Should the result return empty or the variable is removed from the URL, the user is redirected.

What I would like is for another developer/webmaster( 1 or 2 ) to volunteer to help me test this out. I need someone that is FULL admin to and of their site - with full FTP access to their hosting; I do not need access, but you will need to be able to upload and modify pages.

My client has only had this system in place for a few months now, and only sends a message once a month. So I don't have multiple lists, nor a lot of previous messages: 3 or 4 to be honest. I believe that this should, as it stands now, automatically generate links for the proper lists/messages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Those interested can reply to this topic. :wink:


Re: Need Help Testing Archive Message Viewer

PostPosted: 6:01pm, Thu 15 Aug, 2013
by Dragonrider
Moved as requested, count me in!

Re: Need Help Testing Archive Message Viewer

PostPosted: 6:38pm, Thu 15 Aug, 2013
by Sven2157
Dragonrider wrote:Moved as requested, count me in!

Great! I am working on a billion different things( non-phplist ) at the moment, but will send you a PM and post back here, when I get a couple things out of the way.

So far the code is pretty simple, and there are only 2 pages: the main( sent.php ) viewer, and the message( message.php ). The first thing I want to check is the core functionality. For example, a LIST with multiple 'lists' will generate the correct message choices, theme, etc, etc ...

... more to follow ... :wink:


Re: Need Help Testing Archive Message Viewer

PostPosted: 11:40pm, Sat 24 Aug, 2013
by Sven2157
Hello :cry:

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still working on this, but my Motherboard shorted out! :shock: Currently, I am desperately trying to recover the 1TB of data on my RAID array, as it blasted my RAID meta data on its way out! However, this process is SUPER SLOW! Talk about burning bridges when you quit! :lol: -Thanks ASUS! :roll:

I will post back when I can get back to it ... :wink:


Re: Need Help Testing Archive Message Viewer

PostPosted: 11:53pm, Sat 24 Aug, 2013
by AlanGeorge
Hi Sven

sounds really great, though I thought I'd been working on exactly the same thing for the past 18 months and it's been fully operational on phpList 2.10.17/18 and 19 and I've since updated both addons to work on v3.0.2 and both have the functionality you're describing.....

News Archive
View Online

also both are fully integrated into the website and my search engine

There again I may have been imagining the whole

Downloads for v2 and v3 options can be found at the following address

Just select from the two Code Hack Options in the right hand column



PS forgot to mention - both addons can be traced back to their beginnings and totally respect the original contributors such as TomAble, Adrian Schmid and everyone else that has helped along the way even though I have modified them to blend with my website and requirements.

Re: Need Help Testing Archive Message Viewer

PostPosted: 4:35pm, Mon 26 Aug, 2013
by Sven2157
Anyone else that is interested in assisting ... I have made lots of progress on my HDD RAID situation, and will continue to work on this this week. Hopefully, around Wednesday/Thursday, I can have a working plugin to test.



Re: Need Help Testing Archive Message Viewer

PostPosted: 3:53am, Tue 03 Sep, 2013
by Sven2157
I have made some real progress to the htmlViewer. The front end can be seen here:
dFXg phplist Development

I have one person testing it, and soon as I get some feedback, I will make the necessary changes, and post back with the first beta release for the community.

I have also updated the above link to point at the same site here.


*** EDIT ***
I have a live site for a client, and that one is running v2.11.10. It works flawlessly. The Preview Draft is also working on both versions. If anyone would like to see the back end( admin section ), PM me and I will provide the details for you.