New Programming Logic Proposal

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New Programming Logic Proposal

Postby ha99y » 12:58am, Tue 05 Nov, 2013


I am very very new to phpList. I love the simple to use interface from users perspective.

But the code "The phpList codebase is fairly scattered and hard for others than Michiel to work on...."

phpList needs a rock solid foundation at its core.

Instead of reinvesting the wheel I think using something smiler to PrestaShop's 3-tier architecture would be best.
    Object/data. Database access is controlled through files in the "classes" folder.
    Data control. User-provided content is controlled by files in the "controllers" folder.
    Design. All of the theme's files are in the "themes" folder.

Disclaimer: I realy like PrestaShop.

Would anyone be interested is helping with core code?
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