PhpList to stop generating one message per user

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PhpList to stop generating one message per user

Postby aspersica » 3:26am, Thu 03 Jul, 2014

I have a big list that I send emails to every day. (200K users and growing)
The problem I have is that phplist will "personalize" emails before sending them to the users. This can make the submission very slow (and painful)
Also, it will store those 1 messag per user in "usermessages" table for tracking, etc.

Right now after 40 days of using phpList my usermessages table is 8 million rows. That will become unsustainable in near future.

Now my question is:
Is it possible to turn-off this process?
My message is the same for all my users, so there is no need of generating that over and over.
Also I don't case about tracking as I'm using my own pixeltracking mechanism inside the html generated for emails.

If that's not a feature in PhpList, can anyone direct me to the correct place so I can develop this feature and contribute something back to phpList?
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