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Who would like to see a phplist debian package?

PostPosted: 1:02am, Thu 19 Apr, 2007
by jadoba
My name is James Barrett. I am interested in creating a debian package for phplist. Debian's maintainers guide suggests that new maintainers contact the upstream authors to see if they approve of their package being debianized. That is what I am attempting now :)

For the package to fit the debian policy, there will have to be some changes to where files are normally placed, IOW files can not be placed under the default apache document root (/var/www under debian, if apache was installed through apt). Instead, they will have to be under /usr/share/phplist and aliases or symlinks must be added. Additionally, no user-configurable files can be anywhere under /usr/share - therefore, config.pgp must go into /etc/phplist - this is crucial and cannot be avoided if seamless integration as a debian package is to be expected. I currently plan on putting a symbolic link named /usr/share/phplist/lists/config/config.php targeting /etc/phplist/config.php - Also, any other user-configurable files must go into /etc/phplist

I have not yet completely finished packaging up phplist.

For more information about debian policy: - Debian policy manual ... index.html - (Debian) Webapps Policy Manual

Other information: - Debian New Maintainers' Guide - Debian home page

Thank you for your time.

PostPosted: 6:58pm, Thu 02 Aug, 2007
by Hernol
That's a really big news. Can you keep me updated here? I'll be glad to help you.

Re: Who would like to see a phplist debian package?

PostPosted: 3:02am, Sat 01 May, 2010
by mariofau2
sounds nice, I like debian.