anybody using czech characters?

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anybody using czech characters?

Postby richk » 9:37am, Tue 18 Sep, 2007

I am testing phplist (2.10.5) on myhosting (apache, MySQL) to use it to send czech messages. I have noticed that I have problem with putting czech characters into subjects + bodies of welcome and confirmation messages.
I type correct characters but after save I see only ? instead correct characters.

I do not exactly know if it is bug or if I have some charset set incorrectly. Or is there problem with MySQL database/table encoding ?

I will be very pleased to receive feedback from anybody using phplist for sending czech/win-1250 characters in all emails from list.

Thank you ,
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Re: anybody using czech characters?

Postby H2B2 » 2:49am, Mon 08 Oct, 2007

I think it is an encoding issue, though not sure where (database,, message encoding in config.php, or charset on the configuration page). wrote:$strCharSet = 'Windows-1250';
You could try changing the current charset in from Windows-1250 to iso-8859-2 or UTF-8.

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Re: anybody using czech characters?

Postby aloxe » 8:36am, Wed 05 Jun, 2013

The file is roten.

When I display in Windows-1250, all special caracters are ⬜ or ďż˝
When I display in UTF-8 I have �

When I convert from Windows-1250 to UTF-8, all special caraters become ďż˝ as they seam to be recorded.

I think the file itself is corrupt. That would be great if we could have a fully UTF-8 phplist...
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