Wrong special Hungarian characters

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Wrong special Hungarian characters

Postby Tesztelo » 5:18pm, Sat 30 Oct, 2010


I tried to use 2.10.12, but I get wrong special Hungarian characters (ő ű) in the sent e-mails even I choose Hungarian language.
If the encoding setting is UTF-8, then these characters are good, but the others (á é ü) are not, the e-mail contains only squares instead of these chars. If the encoding setting is iso-8859-2 or Windows-1250, then every chars are good except the ő and ű (there are UTF-8 codes instead of them), and the subject line is also wrong.

Any idea?
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Re: Wrong special Hungarian characters

Postby H2B2 » 4:36pm, Mon 01 Nov, 2010

If you are using UTF-8, best make sure all relevant charset encoding settings point in the same direction.
For more info, see How to configure UTF-8 in phpList
See also How to configure phpList with non-UTF-8 charsets
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Hungarian translation

Postby kopasz27 » 1:19pm, Sun 30 Sep, 2012

I made it the hungarian translation. 99% completed. I can't registrate to the translation site because after the form is completed and when I sent it, the next page is 502 Proxy Error. Therefore I filled out anonymously. I ask somebody check this. Thanks.
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