German Umlauts on SOME pages are wrong

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German Umlauts on SOME pages are wrong

Postby tbednarz » 1:41pm, Fri 08 Apr, 2011


All translations which are in the file '' and contain Umlauts are wrong. (see enclosed screenshot)

I have changed the file the same way I did for '' and I added the variable
Code: Select all
$strCharSet             = 'utf-8';

For whatever reason it does not work, while the translations in work fine. Here is an extract from the file

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# language dependent text used in the interface for users (not admin)

$strCharSet             = 'utf-8';
$strName                = 'Name';
$strAddress             = 'Addresse';
$strEmail               = 'E-Mail';
$strTown                = 'Wohnort';
$strPostcode            = 'Postfach';
$strSubscribeInfo       = 'Zur Anmeldung bei einer oder mehreren unserer Newslettern benützen Sie bitte das nachfolgende Formular!';
$strRequired            = 'rot';
$strRequired1           = 'Benötigte Felder';
$strSubscribeTitle      = 'Anmelden bei der Newsletter';
$strPleaseSelect        = 'Bitte wählen Sie eine oder mehrere Newsletter, bei denen Sie sich anmelden wollen';

Any idea what might be wrong here??


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Re: German Umlauts on SOME pages are wrong

Postby Kruge » 8:53am, Tue 30 Aug, 2011

I haven't even reached *those* yet - but have you tried ä -> &auml; ö -> &ouml; etc? Might be a quick fix. ^^
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Re: German Umlauts on SOME pages are wrong

Postby RAYNAU » 10:56pm, Wed 01 Feb, 2012

Hier is a version which could help you.
It is settled up in Iso and normally the umlaut are ok and all special characters in German.
You can dowload it at :
http://www.domfront-deviation-concertee ... plist.html

Well, it is im fransöchichen spräche gescrieben, but you will easily see what are the files to download.
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