Bug in russian.inc file

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Bug in russian.inc file

Postby sochicomputerdotru » 5:23pm, Sun 07 Aug, 2011

I'm using PHPList @ sochicomputer.ru/newsletter (presently blocked, in development), language used is Russian.

Problem: User and admin pages display gibberish because of improperly created russian.inc file. Default encoding for Russian was Windows-1251, and by using this encoding user page would display alright, but admin would display crap. Switching encoding to UTF-8 the opposite resulted -- truly a mystery -- but user page would display crap and admin page would display alright.

Solution: Open russian.inc file in text editor which displays it properly, edit it and change encoding to UTF-8, copy all, and paste into a blank notepad document, save it as russian.inc using UTF-8 encoding. Works like a charm!

Attached is a working russian.inc file
working russian.inc file. File encoding is UTF-8, also encoding for HTML is set to UTF-8
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Re: Bug in russian.inc file

Postby IronDog » 4:39pm, Wed 05 Oct, 2011

This looks like a bug to me too, and I did (independently) what sochicomputerdotru suggested. In my case, I still see crap in the user end (the front end), and I believe it is because of the meta directive in the header which causes the browser to expect iso-8859-1 (wrongly):

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />

Any idea how to change that to utf-8, anyone?
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