Internationalisation of Mailings themselves (e.g. footer)

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Internationalisation of Mailings themselves (e.g. footer)

Postby timtak » 2:43am, Wed 17 Aug, 2011

Preamble: I am the administrator for an offline international association. List subscribers do not
need to access the Internet pages. Only a few admins will ever see the internet pages. So they
could be in English. It is nice that they are in other languages but it is not important.

I am looking for a way of internationalising the footer (and perhaps greeting) of list emails.

Not all the list members speak English, so even the official mailings (usually in English)
can confuse their recipients, who think "Why am I getting this gobbledigook, who sent it to me?"
Because of course, to many people in the world, English is gobbledigook.
Sometimes people post non English (Japanese/Chinese/Indonesian) messages to the list
promoting the same reaction.
End of Preamble

I would like a footer saying things like "This is the mailing list of XYZ organisation," "This is the homepage"
"This how to unsubscribe" etc to be in the language of the recipient. If at the very least there
were just one user language dependent in-mail mailing list description that would really help.

The discussions here regarding internationalisation seem to be in regard of the online subscription,
confirmation, and admin pages.

Is there way of internationalising the wording INSIDE the mailings themselves?

In Dada Mail one can include conditionals in templates so that one can do something like
<IF user.lang eq French>Bonjour</IF>
<IF user.lang eq English>Hello</IF>
(dada does not work on my server, so I can't use the above.)

I see that in phplist one can include user attributes. It might be possible (though time consuming and prone to error) for me to create conditional attributes prior to uploading the user data. Such as (please excuse my appalling French) I could create an extra column in an Excel file, called "unsub_instructions" containing something like:
=IF(A1="French", "Pour desuscrirer pouvez vous aller a http://", IF(A1="Japanese", "リストを脱会するためにはhttp://..をクリックしてください", "To unsubscribe please visit http://"))

Where A1 contains the language of the user, defaulting to English if it is not French or Japanese. I could then save the excel file to cvs and import it to the user database, so that each users attributes would contain the relevant explanations in their language.

But that sounds like a real drag. So in a nut shell, is there a way of internaltionalizng the mailing list mailings themselves, (not related homepages)?

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Re: Internationalisation of Mailings themselves (e.g. footer

Postby timtak » 5:20am, Wed 17 Aug, 2011

It is okay. I need a discussion list so there is no need to respond to the above.
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