Problem with greek characters

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Problem with greek characters

Postby alexitsios » 7:05pm, Wed 14 Dec, 2011

hi, i've recently installed phplist on my site. When i insert a greek word (for example in the lists description) the characters result to this:
a format like this: δοκιμή (for the work "δοκιμή" for example).

I've searched the forums and i didn't find a solution. Do you know what might be the problem?

P.S. i've installed it with softaculus.
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Re: Problem with greek characters

Postby duncanc » 3:59pm, Thu 15 Dec, 2011

At the top of this forum there are two topics explaining how to configure phplist to support UTF-8 and non-UTF-8 character sets. Depending on how you are entering your Greek characters, you'll need to follow one or the other of the topics. If you are not sure then follow the topic about UTF-8.
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Re: Problem with greek characters

Postby RAYNAU » 4:43am, Sat 13 Oct, 2012

I know the problem and I have resolved it for other language.
Problem is coming from special characters in any language and I have solved it.
It is too long to put it here and it must be done language per language.
So send me a private message and then I shall contact you and explain you how to manage.
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