Copy and paste from winword..

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Copy and paste from winword..

Postby RAYNAU » 5:25pm, Sun 13 May, 2012

When you make a copy and paste from winword, some characters are not correctly sent when the message is sent in text mode.

1°) The ' in subject is send always as a ’ (text mode and html mode)

2°) IN the message, the same ', is sent in text mode as the following character : ’

Winword seems to use special characters as it is quoted here :

Otherwise with other characters there is no problem.

If somebody has the solution...
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Re: Copy and paste from winword..

Postby Dragonrider » 7:56pm, Sun 13 May, 2012

I use a text editor to clean the word formatting, ie: copy from Word, paste into text editor, then copy out of Text Editor and paste into Message tab.

Though I believe it is possible to save from Word as Filtered Web Page though I've never used this option myself.

It would be better to create your html message in an HTML Editor, which would allow you to paste from that into the Message box in phpList. But you probably have to save HTML to HTML and only the content between the <body> and </body) tags as phpList already has the headers set up.
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Re: Copy and paste from winword..

Postby RAYNAU » 1:51am, Mon 14 May, 2012

Thank you, yes there is that possibility which is rather boring.

The point is, and that worries me, when you send in html everything is perfect.
I do not understand why when sending in text mode it is not converted correctly.
I have tried for instance with outlook a copy and paste, from winword and there is no problem.
The point is as follows, for the ( ' ) character :
Windows; one html, an other html for the same character.
&#146; &rsquo; &#8217; ’

and as I am not a programmer, I do not know how to manage with that.
Doing a copy and paste from windows, you keep the style, the presentation (headlines etc...), if you put your text in notepad, everything is lost.
In fact there are only two characters which often come (' and -) and give problems. There are also other characters but they are not commonly used. May be it is coming from Fckeditor, but I think it is coming from phplist because I have noticed that in some files there is a conversion from ' to &rsquo; but as it is sent in text mode, it is sent as &rsquo instead of being sent as '.
If you find that needle, kindly let me know.
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