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Navegador en vez de Cron

Postby fersan » 7:33am, Wed 10 Aug, 2011

hola como no me aclaro con el Cron por ahora... y siempre se me quedaba colgado al enviar muchos mails por el navegador y no sabía cuando estaba parado o no .... he buscado por el config.php



# the number of criterias you want to be able to select when sending a message.
# Useful is is to make it the same as the number of selectable attributes you enter in the
# system, but that is up to you (selectable = select, radio or checkbox)
define ("NUMCRITERIAS",2);

# if you do not require users to actually sign up to lists, but only want to
# use the subscribe page as a kind of registration system, you can set this to 1 and
# users will not receive an error when they do not check a list to subscribe to

# batch processing
# if you are on a shared host, it will probably be appreciated if you don't send
# out loads of emails in one go. To do this, you can configure batch processing.
# Please note, the following two values can be overridden by your ISP by using
# a server wide configuration. So if you notice these values to be different
# in reality, that may be the case

## if you send the queue using your browser, you may want to consider settings like this
## which will send 10 messages and then reload the browser to send the next 10. However, this
## will not restrict the sending to any limits, so there's a good chance you will
## go over the limits of your ISP

pero 50 mail es poco me parece que lo voy aumentar
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