Estadísticas - Resultados falsos / no reales

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Estadísticas - Resultados falsos / no reales

Postby estudio3 » 11:09am, Thu 08 Nov, 2012

Llevo unos dias que cuando envío una news, el resultado de las estadísticas no es real.. Hago un test a 3 correos y me pone que se han enviado 22 html y 80 en txt cuando sólo deberían ser 3 en html...

Alguna idea? Ante todo, muchas gracias.
Tengo el config.php preparado para recibir las estadísticas Copio el código

Code: Select all
# Click tracking
# If you set this to 1, all links in your emails will be converted to links that
# go via phplist. This will make sure that clicks are tracked. This is experimental and
# all your findings when using this feature should be reported to mantis
# for now it's off by default until we think it works correctly

# Click track, list detail
# if you enable this, you will get some extra statistics about unique users who have clicked the
# links in your messages, and the breakdown between clicks from text or html messages.
# However, this will slow down the process to view the statistics, so it is
# recommended to leave it off, but if you're very curious, you can enable it
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