Problemas PHPLIST 3 y GMAIL

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Problemas PHPLIST 3 y GMAIL

Postby maxid79 » 6:32pm, Thu 22 Aug, 2013

Buenas a todos

Les comento un poco instale la versión 3.0 de phplist y realizase la configuración de la misma, ahora cuando trato de enviar un email de prueba me llega 2 veces y luego no envia los mensajes a nadie de la lista.

Adjunto la configuración para el envio de email


Message sending options
* phpList now only uses phpMailer for sending, but below you can
* tweak a few options on how that is done



# you can specify the location of the phpMailer class here
# if not set, the version included in the distribution will be used
## eg for Debian based systems, it may be something like the example below
## when you do this, you may need to run some tests, to see if the phpMailer version
## you have works ok
#define ('PHPMAILER_PATH','/usr/share/php/libphp-phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php');

# To use a SMTP server please give your server hostname here, leave it blank to use the standard
# PHP mail() command.

# in the above you can specify multiple SMTP servers like this:
# 'server1:port1;server2:port2;server3:port3' eg

# if you want to use smtp authentication when sending the email uncomment the following
# two lines and set the username and password to be the correct ones
$phpmailer_smtpuser = '';
$phpmailer_smtppassword = 'xxxx';

## you can set this to send out via a different SMTP port

## test vs blast
# you can send test messages via a different SMTP host than the actual campaign queue
# if not set, these default to the above PHPMAILERHOST and PHPMAILERPORT

# to use SSL/TLS when sending set this value
# it can either be "ssl" or "tls", nothing else

## Smtp Timeout
## If you use SMTP for sending, you can set the timeout of the SMTP connection
## defaults to 5 seconds
# define('SMTP_TIMEOUT',5);


Desde ya muchas gracias a todos

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Re: Problemas PHPLIST 3 y GMAIL

Postby luuuciano » 9:19pm, Sun 25 Aug, 2013

define ("TEST",XXXX);

Qué valor tiene XXXX? si lo tenés como 1 supongo te pasará eso...
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