Test Modus permanent aktive

Test Modus permanent aktive

Postby fmdesigne » 6:49pm, Tue 11 Dec, 2007

Hallo zusammen

habe ein Problem..

bei mir kommt immer :

Warnung: Das System arbeitet besser mit PHP magic_quotes_gpc = on.
Test-Modus. Es werden keine E-Mails versendet. Überprüfen Sie die Konfigurationsdatei. Processing please wait. Do not interrupt!

wass kann man da machen.. mein server unterstützt leider die fuktion PHP magic_quotes_gpc = on. nicht..

bitte um hilfe..

gruss fmdesigne..
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Postby H2B2 » 8:41pm, Tue 11 Dec, 2007

Im FAQs doc:
I just installed PHPlist, but sending my first messages fails. Why can't I send any message?
* Please check if PHPlist is still running in Test mode. In config.php check your value for this constant (0 is off, 1 is on): define ("TEST",0);

Im troubleshooting doc:
Warning: Things will work better when PHP magic_quotes_gpc = on. The PHP setting magic_quotes_gpc∞ needs to be enabled for the smooth functioning of PHPlist. There are several possible ways to fix this. First you could check in the /lists/.htaccess file that it includes the line php_flag magic_quotes_gpc on. If not, try adding this line to see whether it fixes the problem. Alternatively, if your server runs PHP as CGI (PHPsuExec), you can try to enable magic_quotes_gpc by creating the file '/lists/php.ini' and adding this directive: magic_quotes_gpc = 1. If you're on shared hosting account, you can also contact your ISP to fix this.
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