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When Asking for Help, please...

PostPosted: 12:02pm, Sun 30 Jun, 2013
by Dragonrider
When asking for help on a problem, please give the following info where possible, it'll help speed things up if we have more info, thanks.

Which version of phpList are you running, eg: 2.10.19 or 2.11.10 or 3.0.0
(A quick hint as to which version you are running: If the color scheme is Orange, it's 2.10.x, if it's Grey, then it's going to be Version 2.11.x or 3.0.x
In the latter case, look at the bottom of the admin pages, it'll say if it's phpList 3 or not.

Which browser (and version) are you using to view your site?

What exactly is the issue (screen snapshot can be helpful)?

Where possible a link to your site, let us see what happens, it does help.

DO NOT give passwords or ftp access details nor email addresses out in the forums.