Latest Version 3.0.12

Latest Version 3.0.12

Postby Dragonrider » 8:19am, Thu 15 Aug, 2013

Version 3.0.12 is now released. This is based on the 2.11.x version and is available for download now. It is recommended to upgrade all previous versions to the new standard.

Ensure that you make a backup of your database and config/config.php file before upgrading, also backup any language files you may have altered/customized.

When upgrading from 3.0.6 upwards you should make a backup of your current config/config.php file, upload the latest version from downloaded file/lists to your web space /lists, then copy back your saved config.php file. Please Note: The config.php file supplied is a "quick Start" file and is ideal for new or less confident users, whilst the config-extended.php file has all the options available, but will take longer to set up and is for more advanced users. To use the extended file does require renaming to and replacing config.php

When upgrading from Version 2, you MUST use one of the new config.php files due to the number of changes in the config.php file.

The default message editor needs enabling before it appears, to do so:-
Login to your admin pages, hover over Config>click Plugins and then click the thumb down icon alongside fckeditor to enable the editor.

Note also that since PHP 5.5, MySQL is being degraded so if you get an error along the lines of MySQL or MySQLi not being present, the solution is given here.

Your server still needs MySQL version 5.0 or higher and PHP should be version 5.3.x or Higher. System Requirements.

An error has crept into the coding of 3.0.11 where when sending the queue, it does not reload correctly. This requires the uploading of one amended file, attached to this post, once you have installed the 3.0.11 version of phpList. This is now included in the latest release, 3.0.12.
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