Bounce messages accidentally POP-ed out. Can I process them?

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Bounce messages accidentally POP-ed out. Can I process them?

Postby kaon » 8:22am, Sat 26 May, 2007

Hi all,

I am familiar with the normal operation of PHPList's "process bounces", i.e. it retrieves bounces from a POP mailbox.

What can I do if I accidentally POP-ed out (using Thunderbird, no-leave-on-server) a few hundred bounce messages?

Now I have those bounces in my Thunderbird.
I could distill a plain-text list of email addresses that bounced, from the mbox file.
And I know all those bounces were for a single message number.

So, given the above, is there a way for me to let PHPlist process the bounces?


Is it safe to directly update the SQL tables? (say using PhpMySql)
I am guessing I could just increment the bouncecount of those users, and then zero-out the confirmed field for those users whose bouncecount exceeded the the threshold.
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