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Resending messages

PostPosted: 9:20pm, Wed 15 Aug, 2007
by suegyi
How can I resend the messages to those users who already received the message before?

I understand "Requeue" will not resend to users who have already received the message and through "view", I can resend it to a different list but again will not resend to those users who already received the message.

What if I want to modify the message a bit and resend it, or is there a way to copy the message again?


PostPosted: 1:45am, Fri 17 Aug, 2007
by H2B2
You could run some tests with the repetition feature enabled in config.php:
Code: Select all
# Repetition. This adds the option to repeat the same message in the future.
# After the message has been sent, this option will cause the system to automatically
# create a new message with the same content. Be careful with it, because you may
# send the same message to your users
# the embargo of the message will be increased with the repetition interval you choose
# also read the README.repetition for more info

PostPosted: 4:58pm, Fri 17 Aug, 2007
by suegyi
Thanks, I modified the code -- define("USE_REPETITION", 1).

I sent a message and then from messages, edit, list, I tried to resend it to the same list. It still doesn't go to the same people. Where is the copy of the message sent saved? I suppose I should resend that copy but don't know where to locate it.

I tried a few times and it seemed at one time it worked and saw a copy in message sent. Don't know how it worked at that time. After that, does not work any more.

Is there a way to copy the sent/draft messages?