How Do I Make Hierarchical Lists

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How Do I Make Hierarchical Lists

Postby tzar » 5:55pm, Tue 22 Apr, 2008

I would like to get some instructions on how to create Hierarchical lists. I would like to have my List set up in this manner

...| Newsletter (Main List)
.....| Sales (Sublist)
.....| Product Updates (SubList)

I read the Lists Documentation page but the instructions were not clear.
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Postby H2B2 » 6:18pm, Tue 22 Apr, 2008

"Hierarchical lists" is a concept, or an idea on how you would organize lists and users with your own specific goals in mind. It is not a specific method.
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Re: How Do I Make Hierarchical Lists

Postby rosarior » 9:27pm, Mon 21 Apr, 2014

So I'd like more clarity on what you mean by "concept or an idea" because I have this community membership scenario below.

Main List
---List 1 (must be member of Main List)
---List 2 (must be member of Main List)
---List 3 (must be member of Main List)
------List 3.a (must be a member of List 3 and Main List)

and so on...

Our community is growing organically with very specific requirements to be members at the lowest level list. Can we create sublists in this fashion where we can configure membership to confirm membership of previous level?
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