Can't export complete subscriber list

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Can't export complete subscriber list

Postby dhigby » 12:49pm, Sat 23 Oct, 2010

Although I have 415 users, every time I went to export, there were only around half that amount in the spreadsheet. Nobody else seems to have reported this problem, I am using the experimental 2.11.5.

The reason is because the Date From and Date To for the export only goes back to 2007, and my list has people dating back much earlier than that!

So I dug around and found the date.php file in the admin folder. Here is the problem code:
Code: Select all
      if (DATE_START_YEAR) {
        $start = DATE_START_YEAR;
      } else {
        $start = $year - 3;

To fix it, all you have to do is to change the 3 to a larger number, changing it to 9 fixed the problem for me and now I am able to export all of my users.
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Re: Can't export complete subscriber list

Postby H2B2 » 12:56pm, Sat 23 Oct, 2010

You should be able to set the year ranges in config.php:
Year ranges for date attributes

# year ranges. If you use dates, by default the drop down for year will be from
# three years before until 10 years after this the current value for year. If there
# is no current value the current year will be used.
# if you want to use a bigger range you can set the start and end year here
# be aware that the drop down may become very large.
# if set to 0 they will use the default behaviour. So I'm afraid you can't start with
# year 0. Also be aware not to set the end year to something relatively soon in the
# future, or it will stop working when you reach that year.


As you can see in the code you quoted, the DATE_START_YEAR variable, as defined in config.php, is used.
Did you try configuring the year ranges in config.php? Does this not work on v2.11.5?
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Re: Can't export complete subscriber list

Postby nicobond » 11:28am, Tue 18 Mar, 2014

I have the same problem but in my case I've set 10 years before actual year (I'm sure all subscriber users are registered after that period).
Phplist in all cases export only a part of the whole subscriber list, I don't know why.
I've chosen to export users from a particular list with more than 7000 subscribers (all users are confirmed and not in blacklist) while the CSV contains only 6100 subscribers.
Are there any limits to the number of users Phplist can export?
Are there any other tecnical reasons?
My version is 2.10.14
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Re: Can't export complete subscriber list

Postby nicobond » 3:30pm, Tue 18 Mar, 2014

I didn't understand why PhpList export only a part of the whole list but I've found a workaround that can be useful for others. To really export the complete list of subscribers I've added &list=id-of-the-list-to-export on the URL of the page then I selected the whole date range (that previously I've modified), then I selected Date of subcription as parameter.
In such a way I got all my contacts of that list.
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