No Throttling / Bounces > blacklist threshold

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No Throttling / Bounces > blacklist threshold

Postby derrickr » 3:22pm, Thu 10 Mar, 2011


I'd appreciate it if someone could please clarify the correct settings I need to use in my config.php file for the following issues on my dedicated server.

1. No Throttling settings

Relevant section of the current config.php settings are:

Code: Select all
# define the amount of emails you want to send per period. If 0, batch processing
# is disabled and messages are sent out as fast as possible
#default: 0

# define the length of one batch processing period, in seconds (3600 is an hour)
#default: 3600

I had originally left the default settings in the hope that it would indeed act as stated: "If 0, batch processing is disabled and messages are sent out as fast as possible". Unfortunately this was not the case, and our initial newsletter sent using the new system took over 14 hours, resulting again in a frustrated owner.

I trawled through various posts/forums, which have only served to confuse matters. However, I'm now hoping the above will be adequate for our needs, which I basically interpret as send 10000 mails per period, and that each period is one second long.

Maybe the above is a tad optimistic but we do have our own dedicated server, which was specifically purchased to overcome any limits on sending emails.

2. Bouncebacks

Another confusing area for me, despite lots of reading, surrounds bouncebacks.

We have approximately 17.4K users (mostly imported from our old zencart system), many of which I expect to bounce and therefore become blacklisted. Hopefully this will happen soon as the owner is getting hundreds of bounceback notifications landing in his inbox.

I've noticed another setting in config.php, which was set at the (too high?) default level of 5:

Code: Select all
# how many bounces in a row need to have occurred for a user to be marked unconfirmed
$bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 3;
#default: 5

Since we've only sent two newsletters so far, I'm expecting that the above setting will mark email addresses that have bounced back twice before to now become blacklisted on their third bounceback.

Unfortunately, I don't have the confidence to tell the owner this is exactly what will happen as (from my point of view) some of the config settings are a little confusing.

In my investigations, it seems as others also often suffer from not understanding the settings fully. I know how much we all love to write documentation(!), but maybe some clarification would help alleviate wasted time, frustration and maybe even help those knowledgeable people out there having to reiterate the same good stuff over and over again. What about a sticky post in this forum on the config?

Anyway, thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!

All the best,

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