multiple admins - multiple lists, how to share lists?

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multiple admins - multiple lists, how to share lists?

Postby imrich » 12:33pm, Sat 02 Jul, 2011

I can't seem to find out how to make this work, I hope someone can help. I'm using phplist 2.10.14.

I have multiple sub-admins (not super admins).

We have mulitple mailing lists. Most need to be shared with each admin. Some admins may have private lists, but there are lists that are common to everyone. One list is not published to keep users from subscribing to it (it's a private club mailing list, I wish there was a way to keep users from unsubscribing from it, but that's a different request).

In the permissions of the sub-admins, if I set their 'list, list' (type=list, page=list) permissions to 'owner', then they can only see the lists that they own, and can't see other lists. This is too restrictive in my scenario. If i set their 'list, list' permissions to 'all' then they can see all lists, delete them, edit them, etc. This is a bit too powerful for my scenario. If I set their 'list, list' permissions to 'view', then they can't see any lists, to me this is unexpected. I expected this setting to allow sub-admins to be able to view (and use) all the lists. Am I wrong here?

So my only solution right now is to use the 'all' permission for 'list, list'.

Is it a bug that 'list, list' set to 'view' doesn't allow an admin with this permission to see other lists?

Is there a way to have some lists viewable by all admins, and other lists private to individual admins?

Thanks for any help!
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