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will retry later?

PostPosted: 10:01pm, Tue 05 Jul, 2011
by cyberix
Hi again!

Can anyone tell me if this is "normal" in testmode:

Sending in batches of 10 emails
Processing has started, 1 message(s) to process.
Please leave this window open. You have batch processing enabled, so it will reload several times to send the messages. Reports will be sent by email to
Processing message 26
Looking for users
Found them: 1719 to process
Processed 1719 out of 1719 users
Script stage: 5
1719 emails failed (will retry later)
Finished this run
Waiting for 30 seconds before reloading

every reload shows me the above lines. It does not look like if phplist will process the queue when i turn of testmode - or will it!?

This is my configuration:


Please help!