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Problems with sending a web page once a week

PostPosted: 10:37pm, Tue 05 Jul, 2011
by melh
I need to send a dynamic web page once a week to my members. I produced a tables based template and it works great in Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook etc.

I activated the repetition function in the config file and tried test sending every hour. It works fine as long as I keep the control panel open in my browser. As soon as I leave or close that page it does not send the next scheduled newsletter. In other words it looks like I have to have the control panel open in a browser 24/7 for that function to work.. That cant be right can it? There must be something I'm missing?

Next I tried sending the page by Cron - my preferred way of doing it. For testing I set the interval to 2 minutes and it works great but the page that is sent is text only and this is all that is sent: [URL:]

How can I get either function working correctly? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Also while I'm hereā€¦ when a message starts sending it says something like "it is safe to click the stop button". Where is this stop button?