confirmation required after unsubscribe?

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confirmation required after unsubscribe?

Postby h15 » 2:55pm, Wed 06 Jul, 2011


i´m quite new to phplist. Most things are working fine, thank you for that good work!

But there´s one (standard) functionality I´m missing. (Or I´m too stupid to find...)

If I unsubscribe by typing the email address at the "lists/?p=unsubscribe" page I get the message and then an email that i´m unsubscribed. So anyone can unsubscribe me!
Is there a possibilty that the user get´s an email with an [UNSUBSCRIBECONFIRMATIONURL] and only is unsubscribed after clicking thins link?
I need the same procedure for subscribing and unsubscribing.

Can anyone help me?

jay (h15)

ps english is not my native language, so please be gentle concerning my grammar and my choice of words...
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