Thankyou Page for Facebook iframe tab...

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Thankyou Page for Facebook iframe tab...

Postby AdamBarry » 1:30pm, Mon 18 Jul, 2011

Hi everyone,
I'm currently integrating the existing mailing list subscribe form from my webpage into a Facebook Application, the idea being that a user on facebook doesn't have to navigate away from facebook to sign up to the mailing list.

The problem is that when a user signs up on facebook, it takes them to the existing thankyou page that is on my website within the iframe window.

Would it be possible to write some sort of script that detects the user agent making the request ie. facebook, and redirect the browser to a custom thankyou page??

Here is the facebook page...(the application is named 'home')

and my website...

I'm still in the middle of building the app so the links aren't in the right places yet. But help would be massively appreciated, I'm still fairly new to php.

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