how to find invalid emails before producing bounces?

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how to find invalid emails before producing bounces?

Postby scitec » 7:50am, Tue 30 Aug, 2011

My server block sending emails if there are too many bounces. So Is there any method to find those emails with right format but in fact not exist, without sending real test email to them?
I find script on the following website, but I don't know whether phplist already has such functions
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Re: how to find invalid emails before producing bounces?

Postby michiel » 9:43pm, Tue 30 Aug, 2011

You can find addresses that are incorrect, ie badly spelled, using the reconcile users page.

but in general if the email address is correctly spelled, it's not possible to determine whether an email will bounce or not.

In the early days of SMTP there was the VRFY command, which allowed checking the destination, but nobody uses that, because it was too easy to abuse. So, the only real way to find whether an address bounces is by sending a message to it.

It's probably best to send in small batches and process your bounces often. Also, in general, when importing a list from some old legacy system, it's best to disregard any addresses you got that are older than a year or so. The likeliness of those being wrong is quite high.
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Re: how to find invalid emails before producing bounces?

Postby Jay1961 » 11:57pm, Tue 30 Apr, 2013

Michiel is right, however I found a FREE open source which helps me out to validate email addresses in bulk. Its website URL is Yes, they don't charge any fees as they seem to be sponsored by major advertisers. On top of that even though the site is self-explanatory, it is multilingual. I really love it and recommend it to everyone
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