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may error in $GLOBALS variable

PostPosted: 10:12am, Mon 05 Sep, 2011
by Shaman2
I long time try to setup phplist to work via cron. Don worked it with parameters -p and so on
I always got message:
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phpList version 2.10.15 (c) 2000-2011 phpList Ltd,
Usage: /home/.../public_html/lists/admin/index.php -p page  [other parameters]

Today I analisys admin\index.php and found that 427 line is

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foreach ($GLOBALS["argv"] as $clinearg) {

but I dont font found $GLOBALS["argv"] any more.
so I change this line to
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foreach ($_SERVER["argv"] as $clinearg) {

and now phplist work via cron.

so my question: $GLOBALS["argv"] is error or not?