Unsubscribe Jumpoff behaviour

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Unsubscribe Jumpoff behaviour

Postby Flurgle » 12:32pm, Fri 09 Sep, 2011

I've set Unsubscribe_Jumpoff to 1.

Scenario A: If a user inputs an invalidly formatted email address in the input box phplist calls up the $strNoListsFound and displays it under the input box. This is how I'd like it to be.

Scenario B: If, however, the email format is correct but the address isn't on the DB, the page completely reloads, the input box disappears, and an error message appears, along with $strUserNotFound.

With Unsubscribe_Jumpoff set to 0 the behaviour is always as in Scenario A.

Getting this on both my modified phplist and on the unmodded, latest version using a different DB.

Is this just an unavoidable side-effect of having Unsubscribe_Jumpoff on, or is there a way I can have it enabled and still have it behave how I want?

As always, sorry if this is me being thick.
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