configure subscribe, unsubscribe... pages

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configure subscribe, unsubscribe... pages

Postby rakeljuice » 3:33pm, Wed 28 Sep, 2011

Hello. Ive installed the latest version, and have a big mess with pages for subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.

For example, I have re-write all the pages in the configuration section, but when the user receive the email and open the pages to confirm, etc, the are still in the old words.

The emails user receive are ok, but not the pages the system directs him to. Besides, in the admin module I can see the links to this pages, but there is no way to change them!!

Any solution, please, Im a bit transtorned for hours looking for solution....


this is what i see in my module, but cant change them

editar URL where users can subscribe

editar URL where known users can unsubscribe

editar URL where unknown users can unsubscribe (blacklist)

editar URL where users have to confirm their subscription

editar URL where users can update their details

editar URL where messages can be forwarded

editar Subject of the message users receive when they subscribe
Request for confirmation
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