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encoding error in subscribe page

PostPosted: 3:19am, Thu 01 Mar, 2012
by Ryneh
Hello Everyone:

I recently installed phplist and encountered some problem: the subscribe page has encoding problem.
My language is traditional Chinese and I set $language_module = ""; in config.php
All is fine in IE and Firefox, but Google Chrome shows garbled text.
I try to read the source code of the subscribe page, the character set is UTF-8 in IE and Firefox in the "head" part.
But strangely, the character set is iso-8859-1 when I use Chrome to browse the subscribe page.
Why will this happen? How can I fix it?

I already tried to google an answer to have no avail. But I am new to phplist.
So please forgive me if I asked something stupid. :)

Re: encoding error in subscribe page

PostPosted: 1:41am, Mon 05 Mar, 2012
by Ryneh
Ok, problem solved. But I think it is a strange solution.

I found an article about phplist encoding: (and btw, the situation described in IronDog's reply is just what happen to me.)
I tried EVERYTHING on the list but nothing worked.
I configured $language_module = "", so I checked lists/admin/lan/zh-tw/language_info in step 3 of the article.
Then I checked lists/admin/lan/en/, but didn't find a language_info file.
So I tried to put a language_info file in that directory, and BINGO! problem solved.

Here's the question:
1. Why is there no language_info file in lists/admin/lan/en/ directory?
2. Why that file is important since I configure $language_module other than English?